Memoir of @John R. Swartz
Location: Tokyo, Japan - Seattle, USA
Died in june 1998 Tokyo Japan
Distributed Project Management
Global Training & Information Transfer
On-Line Communications Programs
International Marketing
Cross Cultural Communications


Deputy General Manager
Marketing & Communications
Tokyo, Japan


On-Line Guide to Communications

Communications & Control
John R. Swartz
Tokyo 1997

The Message
In just a few short years, communications satellites, cable modems and a host of other communications delivery systems will truly be able to reach any part of the globe.

But while your message may reach your intended recipient, will it be understood as you intended?

Even the largest corporations are having trouble in effectively using integrated application software suites and on-line delivery systems for on-line communications, training & distributed project management.

The reason is, that an effective model for on-line communications hasn't been developed yet. The process of global communications and distributed project management is left to the individual responsible for the project, but with no training in this field.

Our schools & universities haven't filled the void in this area yet, because they are too busy trying to understand the phenomenon themselves.

Are you looking for a solution?

Perhaps I can help:

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